Men's Premier Cricket Review - 20 Feb 2021
Date of Event Victorian Premier Cricket: Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:09PM
Fitzroy Doncaster opener Jack Rudd was the only 1st XI player to score a century today, finishing with 116* and his third century of the season in the Lions' win over Casey-South Melbourne.

'Normal order' resumed this weekend with Victorian Premier Cricket returning to the various cricket grounds across the Greater Melbourne and Geelong areas today. Whilst a 'passing shower' did cause some issues at various grounds late this morning, all games were able to be completed with several resulting in a reduced-overs match.


The closest result of the day was at the Camberwell Sports Ground with the Camberwell Magpies against Melbourne University. The visitors batted first and finished with a score of 8/198 off their overs with ex-WA quick Simon Mackin (65*) and Liam Scammell (33) the only bats to make a start and Chris Bridle (3/38) the pick of the Magpies' attack. In reply, the Magpies appeared on track to cause an upset and found themselves requiring 6 runs off the last over with 5 wickets in hand - enter Liam Scammell who kept the Magpies to just 4 runs and losing 2 wickets in that last over to see the visitors sneak home by a solitary run. For the hosts, 150-gamer Thomas Russ (51) and Rishab Guddadamane (51) both batted well and Akshay Kodoth (35) played a solid knock, while the visitors were best served by Mark Stafford (3/28).


At Russell Lucas Oval, 9th placed Ringwood took on top side Carlton. The visitors batted first and found themselves in all sorts of trouble at 5/30 when a shower hit the ground. After resumption, the match reduced to 47 overs and the Blues fought hard to reach 9/173 with Donovan Pell (57) and Harrison Smyth (50) putting on 109 for the 6th wicket, while Ian Holland (5/43) became the first Ram to take 300 1st XI wickets when he dismissed Brayden Stepien. In reply, the Rams' batting card could not get going early and finished all out for 129 with Jack Blain (33) the only Ram to get a solid start with the willow. For the Blues, captain-coach Evan Gulbis (3/29) and Cam Stevenson (3/23) were the pick of the bowlers. 

At Geelong Cricket Ground, 8th placed Geelong hosted 4th placed Dandenong and the visitors batted first. A sensational start for the Cats occurred when they dismissed Dandenong skipper first ball of the game off Dom McGlinchey and the Cats' continued this momentum in restricting the visitors to 156 with Brett Forsyth (75) the only batsman to capitalise on the bowling attack, while McGlinchey (4/21) and Hayden Butterworth (3/44) were the pick of the Cats' attack. In reply, the Cats were able to chase the target successfully by 7 wickets and achieved a bonus point in the process. Skipper Eamonn Vines (65) and Josh McDonald (34) batted well for the winners, while Suraj Randiv (2/43) tried hard for the visitors. 


With the bat, Fitzroy Doncaster opener Jack Rudd was the only centurion, finishing with 116* and making his third century of the season in the process as the Lions defeated Casey-South Melbourne. Other batsmen to score well included St Kilda's Patrick Rowe (86) and Josh Manning (60*) vs Footscray, Prahran's Damon Egan (63*) against Frankston Peninsula, Footscray's Daniel Sartori (66) against St Kilda and Essendon's James Seymour (64) against Kingston Hawthorn. 


With the ball, the pick of the bowlers was Ringwood's Ian Holland with his 5-wicket haul against ladder leaders Carlton. Other bowlers to do well included Geelong's Dom McGlnchey against Dandenong, Prahran's Matt Wilcox (4/23) against Frankston Peninsula and Essendon's Cam McClure (4/18) against Kingston Hawthorn, while fourteen (14) bowlers in the Men's 1st XI finished with a haul of 3 wickets for their day's work.


After today's round of games, please see below a 'provisional' ladder for the Men's 1st XI with 5 rounds to go.


Carl 54

Melb 48

St K 46

Ncote 46

Prah 45

Dand 42

FD 41

Geel 41


Ess 35

M Uni 32

Ring 29

Rich 25

Foot 23

C-SM 23

CMag 15

GK 15

KH 13

FP 11



Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts

Round 12

Carl 9(cc)-173 (Pell 57 H Smyth 50 Holland 5-43) def Ringwood 129 (Blain 33 Stevenson 3-23 Gulbis 3-29), 

Fitz Donc 2(cc)-177 (Rudd 116no) def Casey-SM 8(cc)-171 (Wallace 50 Chandrasinghe 38), 

Melb 3-128 (Prestwidge 49no Kellaway 44no) def Ncte 127 (Crispe 37no Taylor 32 Williamson 3-22 O'Neill 3-29), 

Melb Uni 8(cc)-198 (Mackin 65no Scammell 33 Bridle 3-38) def Camb Magpies 7-197 (Guddadamane 51 Russ 51 Kodoth 35 Stafford 3-28), 

St Kilda 4(cc)-226 (Rowe 86 Manning 60no Merlo 44) def Foots 8-205 (Sartori 66 Underwood 48 O'Brien 3-34), 

Geel 3-158 (Vines 65 McDonald 34) def Dand 156 (Forsyth 75 McGlinchey 4-21 Butterworth 3-44), 

Richmond 160 (Matarazzo 30 Bell 3-29) def Green Kang 105 (Padmanabhan 3-7), 

Prah 2-144 (Egan 63no Hancock 39no Bull 32) def Frank Pen 143 (Conroy 34 Wilcox 4-23 Parsons 3-26 Boland 3-39), 

Ess 176 (Seymour 64 O'Donnell 35 Singh 3-31) def King Haw 82 (McClure 4-18 O'Donnell 3-18), 

Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds

Round 12

Carl 145 (Lemire 42 Ramkumar 4-32 Carter 3-19) def Ringwood 92, 

Fitz Donc 8(cc)-217 (Kett 82no Grace 58 Johnston 30 N Lambden 3-11) def Casey-SM 9(cc)-182 (Deshpande 43 Jassal 31no), 

Melb 3-153 (Lill 66 Herft 57) def Ncte 152 (Mikedis 53 Hannah 4-19), 

Melb Uni 9-175 (Horn 35 Iqbal 32 Doyle 3-26) def Camb Magpies 9(cc)-172 (Wood 58 L Bienvenu 5-34 Peacock 3-31), 

St Kilda 5-221 (Cunnington 84no Stevenson 80 Smith 32) def Foots 7(cc)-217 (Harris 91no Hennig 3-36), 

Geel 7(cc)-178 (Scott 32no Collins 31 Mehta 30) def Dand 137 (Murray 31 Wrigglesworth 4-21), 

Richmond 2(cc)-300 (Humphries 121no Scholz 105no Sleeman 57) def Green Kang 122 (Kelly 47no Humphries 3-17 Keast 3-26), 

Frank Pen 184 (Webb 77 Sexton 3-45) def Prah 145 (Seth 32 Drummond 4-15), 

Ess 5(cc)-241 (Shoesmith 98 Rutland 77 Stingel 37no) def King Haw 195 (Dhindsa 45 Acocks 34 Rutland 3-36), 

Kookaburra Men's Premier Thirds

Round 12

Ringwood 8(cc)-168 (Adamson 69 Flintoff 30 Morrow 5-25) def Carl 167 (Mileto 36 Dean 34 Meehan 4-22), 

Casey-SM 7(cc)-220 (Perry 66 Diston 55 Goodger 4-35) def Fitz Donc 146 (Hudson-Saric 58 Symons 3-28), 

Melb 2-130 (Demattia 51no Brown 32) def Ncte 129 (S Bhardwaj 45 Larkey 37 Boyle 3-22), 

Camb Magpies  v Melb Uni (No result provided), 

Foots  v St Kilda (No result provided), 

Dand 2(cc)-257 (MacCorquodale 98no Islam 78no Forsyth 56) def Geel 71 (De Silva 4-16 Sheehan 3-12), 

Green Kang  v Richmond (No result provided), 

Prah 113 (McPhee 31 Cox 3-21) def Frank Pen 87 (L McGain 6-20), 

King Haw  v Ess (No result provided), 

Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths

Round 12

Carl 7-170 (Corby 46no Line 35 Mills 33) def Ringwood 7(cc)-169 (Mountain 53 Smith 36no Anaan 3-27), 

Fitz Donc 8-158 (Stephens 47) def Casey-SM 157 (Quelch 30 Stephens 4-32), 

Melb 9(cc)-206 def Ncte 172, 

Melb Uni 152 (Keely 38 Dias 32 Nelson 4-24 Nevett 3-43) def Camb Magpies 7(cc)-142 (Nelson 49no), 

St Kilda  v Foots (No result provided), 

Dand  v Geel (No result provided), 

Richmond 7(cc)-213 (Gell 101no Kashif 3-39) def Green Kang 109 (Walsh 4-10), 

Frank Pen 6-184 (Jewiss 73 England 35) def Prah 7(cc)-183 (Malcolm 44 Sennitt 31), 

Ess  v King Haw (No result provided), 

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Author: Will Rice