Reported Players

An umpire may lodge a report with the Premier Cricket Department of any player of any Premier Club who engages in misbehaviour or brings the game of cricket into disrepute.

Upon receipt of a report lodged by an umpire the Premier Cricket Department shall, on behalf of CV,
(a) (i) lay a charge against the reported player for misbehaviour or bringing the game of cricket into disrepute;
(ii) notify the reported player and his club that a charge has been
laid against the reported person; and
(iii) nominate the date and time of the hearing of that charge; or
(b) In consultation with the CV Tribunal Chairperson, offer a reported player a one-match suspension without a hearing.

The acceptance of a penalty of suspension from playing in one CV match shall be lodged in writing with the Premier Cricket Department not later than 12.00noon on the day after the Premier Cricket Department has made such offer to the reported player or his club.

If a notice of acceptance is not properly lodged the CV Tribunal may elect to hear the charge.