Premier Match Rules


The use throughout the text of pronouns indicating the male gender is purely for the sake of brevity. Except where specifically stated otherwise, every provision of these Rules is to be read as applying equally to women as to men. Unless otherwise stated, Women's 1st XI shall conform to the requirements of Men's 1st and 2nd XI rules and Women's 2nd XI shall conform to Men's 3rd and 4th XI rules.


In this Constitution unless the context requires otherwise:


Administration Manager means the club-appointed contact that deals with the day-to-day operations of the club.

Affiliate means any cricket association (including a Regional Association) in the State of Victoria which qualifies as such under clause 6.7 of the Constitution.

AGS means the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria.

APS means the Associated Public Schools of Victoria.

Board means the Cricket Victoria Board.

British Standard Compliant Helmet means a helmet that passes the current safety standard for cricket helmets (7928:2013) and is approved for players to wear when batting, fielding close to the wicket or when keeping up to the stumps.

By-Law means a By-Law made under clause 26 of the Constitution.

CEO means the Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Victoria

Clearance means the movement of a player between two clubs which requires approval from the player’s previous club and CV Management to be eligible to play.

Club means any of the Men’s Premier Clubs and the Women’s Premier Clubs, irrespective of whether the men’s and women’s clubs are fully integrated, co-located, stand-alone or otherwise.

Constitution means the Cricket Victoria Constitution.

Current Player means a player who has played within the past two seasons dating back from 1 October of the current season.

Cricket means the game of cricket as recognised by the ICC from time to time.

CV means the Victorian Cricket Association, trading as Cricket Victoria.

CV Appeals Tribunal means the tribunal appeals panel appointed by the Directors under clause 24.3 of the Constitution to hear appeals from decisions of the CV Tribunal and which operates in accordance with the By-Laws.

CV Management means the Cricket Victoria Management.

CV Tribunal means the tribunal panel appointed by the Directors under clause 24.2 of the Constitution to hear matters arising from or associated with the conduct of matches, players and other participants and which operates in accordance with the By-Laws.

Delegate means and includes:

  1. a Representative appointed to represent a Voting Member in meeting or in voting on a resolution in accordance with this Constitution and the Act; and
  2. the Women’s Premier Panel Chair.

Delegates Meeting means a quarterly General Meeting under clause 11.2(a) of the Constitution.

Fit for purpose means ‘well equipped or well suited for its designated role or purpose’.

Ground Manager means a person from a Club that will oversee the match day operations of a match.

Matches refers to a series of games held within the Premier Cricket competition/s.

Men’s Premier means the Men’s Premier competition.

Original Club means the club for which a player debuted as a 1st XI player.

Premier Cricket means the cricket competition/s contested by the Premier Clubs.

Registered Player means a player that is eligible to play in the Premier Cricket competition that is either a bona fide resident of the State of Victoria or has received CV Management approval to play in the Premier Cricket competition.

Representative Member means a player or official selected to represent their school, state, T20 team and/or country in a representative match or series of matches (Refer to Rule 7.4.1 for further definition).

VMCU means the Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union.

VCCL means the Victorian Country Cricket League.

Women’s Premier means the Womens’ Premier competition.

  1. Application of Laws and Rules
  2. Programs of Matches
  3. Match Venues - Nomination, Approval and Availability
  4. Points & Team Rankings
  5. Programs For Finals Rounds
  6. Club Championship (Men's only)
  7. Eligibility and Transfers of Players
  8. Player Points Cap - Men's 1st XI
  9. Women's Professional Players
  10. Investigations, Disputes/Protests, Contrived Results, Appeals
  11. Conduct: Club Players Officials Members and Employees
  12. Instructions to Clubs
  13. Ground and Pitch Preparation and Maintenance
  14. Fitness for Play and Exceptional Circumstances
  15. General Provisions
  16. Over Rates
  17. Two-Day Matches
  18. One-Day Matches
  19. CV Premier Finals Matches
  20. Twenty20 Matches


A PDF file of the Rules can be downloaded here:


Premier Rules 2021-22

If you would like to view the on-line version of the 2021-22 CV Official Handbook, click below:

CV Official Handbook 2021-22


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Member Protection Policy

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