Men's Premier Cricket Review - 9 Jan 2021
Date of Event Victorian Premier Cricket: Sat Jan 9, 2021 7:20PM
Northcote's Joshua Sundberg broke through for his maiden Premier 1st XI century today in the Dragons win over the Camberwell Magpies..

Beautiful weather conditions greeted everyone upon return to the Victorian Premier Cricket season after the Christmas/New Year break. Batsmen again dominated proceedings with no fewer than six centuries scored today in the Men's Premier 1st XI competition, while a couple of strong performances with the ball also occurred. 


The upset result of the day saw 16th placed Frankston Peninsula upset the previously undefeated Melbourne at AH Butler Oval and also taking out a bonus point to kick-start their campaign. Heat skipper Brodie Symons led from the front with 78* out of the total of 9/220 and received valued support with the ball from Bailen Clarke (3/33) and debutant Anurag Singh Dhaliwal (3/13) saw the Demons falter for just 146. 


At Casey Fields, the appearance for the first time of former Sri Lankan international Tillakaratne Dilshan helped Casey-South Melbourne come away with a bonus-point victory against neighbours Dandenong. Dilshan opened the bowling with his spinners and bowled his 10 overs for 32 runs, with the Swans keeping the Panthers to 6/182 despite Aaron Fernando's 56*. In reply, Dilshan showcased his class with a knock of 53 off 42 balls opening the batting before falling victim to Braden Taeuber. Swans skipper Michael Wallace finished off the start with his own knock of 63* as the Swans came away with the win in the 38th over.

The RJ (Bob) Parish Cup at Toorak Park went down to the wire, with the St Kilda taking the trophy home with a 1-wicket win over Prahran. The True Blues set the Saints a target of 148 to get with Henry Thornton (4/31) doing the damage again for the visitors. In reply, the Saints were coasting at 2/104 before a collapse of 7/40 saw the Saints needing 4 to win from the last pair after Blake Parson (4/18) and Nick Boland (3/57) tore the heart out of the Saints' middle and lower order. Luckily for the visitors, skipper Adam Crosthwaite (51*) hit the winning runs after Simon O'Brien kept 2 balls at bay to keep their unbeaten start going.


Centuries were scored today by Carlton duo Nick Ross (113) and Thomas Smyth (111) in the Blues' win against Essendon, Northcote's Joshua Sundberg (123*) broke through for his maiden 1st XI century in the Dragons win against the Camberwell Magpies, Melbourne University's Andrej Yaksender (112) notched a ton up against the Greenvale Kangaroos, Footscray's Daniel Sartori (107) was the backbone behind the Dogs' successful chase against Geelong and Richmond keeper Scott Edwards (121) secured a century against Kingston Hawthorn.  


With the ball, the pick of the bowlers were Carlton's Xavier Crone (5/30) and Essendon's Matt Doric (5/53), with Parsons, Thornton, Greenvale Kangaroos' Jacob Pawlowicz (4/57) and Footscray's Dean Russ (4/47) all taking wickets.



Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts

Round 5

St Kilda 9(cc)-148 (Crosthwaite 51no De Iacovo 31 Parsons 4-18 Boland 3-57) def Prah 147 (Blaich 38 Bangs 31 Thornton 4-31), 

Ncte 4(cc)-280 (Sundberg 123no Taylor 46) def Camb Magpies 165 (Jenkins 39 Townsend 39 Bhargave 37 Phelan 3-14), 

Fitz Donc 8(cc)-259 (Shivakumar 85 Rudd 69 Korkolis 37 Holland 3-43) def Ringwood 9(cc)-242 (Blain 71 Hartill 64), 

Carl 280 (Ross 113 T Smyth 111 Doric 5-53 McClure 3-46) def Ess 165 (Seymour 59 Willett 55 Crone 5-30 O'Sullivan 3-29), 

Melb Uni 7(cc)-292 (Yaksender 112 Croes 72 Scammell 38no Pawlowicz 4-57) def Green Kang 6-266 (Stretton 64no Harrison 57 Hayes 38 Trembearth 34 Dixon 32),

Richmond 7(cc)-306 (Edwards 121 Goodman 73 Amin 47no) def King Haw 9(cc)-231 (Lewis 50no Dhindsa 44 Vorbach 33 Chopra 30), 

Foots 5-239 (Sartori 107 J Kight 46 Dean 32) def Geel 238 (Boyd 72 Butterworth 31 Russ 4-47 Buckingham 3-45), 

Frank Pen 9(cc)-220 (Symons 78no Gapes 38 O'Neill 3-56) def Melb 146 (Koop 32 Elliott 30 Thomson 30 Singh Dhaliwal 3-13 Clarke 3-33), 

Casey-SM 2-186 (Wallace 63no Dilshan 53 Chandrasinghe 33 Wyatt 31no) def Dand 6(cc)-182 (Fernando 56no Edgeworth 35 Forsyth 30 Edwards 30 Sperling 3-29), 


Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds

Round 5

St Kilda 5(cc)-262 (Stevenson 59 Morris 51no Davey 51no Deighton 36) tied Prah 7(cc)-262 (Bull 100 Morrey 76 Seymour 39 Gribben 4-50), 

Camb Magpies  v Ncte (No result provided),

Ringwood 6-170 (Dhull 81no) def Fitz Donc 168 (Grace 45 Carter 4-31 Humphries 4-42), 

Ess 189 (Bedi 52no O'Donnell 31 Gladman 30 Marchant 3-39) def Carl 177 (Pottabathini 65 Mattsson 31), 

Melb Uni 2-165 (H Bienvenu 64no Hutton 60no Kennedy 33) def Green Kang 164 (Zammit 40 Warren 3-22 Mawien 3-41), 

Richmond 7-216 (Singh 62 Padmanabhan 48 Richardson 3-41) def King Haw 7(cc)-215 (Attanayake 112no Das 30 Moon 4-41),

Melb 6-184 (Petricola 58no Munro 40) def Frank Pen 9(cc)-180 (McConnell 55no Eccles 38 Ash 3-52), 

Dand 7-152 (Newman 47 Wills 45) def Casey-SM 151 (Bardwell 62 Brown 31 McMaster 5-23), 

Geel  v Foots (Sunday), 


Kookaburra Men's Premier Thirds

Round 5

Prah  v St Kilda (No result provided), 

Ncte  v Camb Magpies (No result provided), 

Ringwood 7(cc)-179 (Perry 43 Flintoff 35no) def Fitz Donc 178 (Jephcott 80 Reynolds 40 Flynn 4-43), 

Carl 8(cc)-232 (Connop 57 Tracey 45 Connop 37 Mulheran 4-32) def Ess 6-228 (Tobin 61 Hussain 43 Cotter 42 Stephens 41),

Green Kang  v Melb Uni (No result provided), 

Foots 4(cc)-299 (Raniolo 81 M Harris 73 S Harris 60no) def Geel 203 (Malhotra 55 Windus 36 Courtney 31 Ruddell 31),

King Haw  v Richmond (No result provided), 

Melb 7(cc)-171 (Demattia 52no Cesarios 35) def Frank Pen 91 (Klauer 33 Bajwa 3-18 O'Brien 3-25), 

Dand 9(cc)-198 (Murray 65 Sawrey 35no M Gamage 3-38) def Casey-SM 6(cc)-195 (White 50 D Gamage 48), 


Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths

Round 5

St Kilda  v Prah (No result provided), 

Ncte 2-82 (Brennan 43no) def Camb Magpies 78 (Lane 3-11), 

Fitz Donc  v Ringwood  (No result provided)

Carl 9-193 (Lowes 54 Shinn-Mahony 44 Saddiq 3-30) tied Ess 6(cc)-193 (Gordon 69 Packer 3-33), 

Melb Uni 7(cc)-200 (Stone 58 Ditchburn 33no) def Green Kang 160 (Fernando 55no Sriram 53 Stockley 3-8),

Richmond 1-139 (Iverson 78no Arora 41) def King Haw 136 (Paramesh 30 Stones 4-43), 

Melb 7(cc)-228 (Brewin 106 Benson 75 Peet 3-64) def Frank Pen 122 (England 36 S McCooke 4-16), 

Casey-SM 2-205 (Deshpande 81 Majoka 69no) def Dand 201 (Verma 58 Singappulige 34no Majoka 5-19),

Geel  v Foots (Sunday), 

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Author: Will Rice