Men's Premier Cricket Review - 5 Dec 2020
Date of Event Victorian Premier Cricket: Sat Dec 5, 2020 6:51PM
Carlton keeper Brayden Stepien again showcased his class with the bat in the Blues' victory over Geelong.

"Four seasons in one day" could be the best way to describe the weather that confronted players for Round 2 of the Men's grades of Victorian Premier Cricket. Strong winds and wet weather during the afternoon made for a challenging afternoon's play, though results were able to be achieved in all 1st XI matches with the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern system having a say in the result of five games.


The round saw some strong individual batting performances with Carlton keeper Brayden Stepien again pushing his case for higher honours with an unbeaten 157* seeing the Blues comfortably home against Geelong, St Kilda's Jonathan Merlo (123*) guiding the Saints to strong total against Fitzroy Doncaster and Kingston Hawthorn second-games Abhishek Jain scoring 148 as the Hawks broke through for their first win of the season over Frankston Peninsula. Richmond's young gun Jake Fraser-McGurk would have also joined this group but was run out for 99 as the Tigers took the points against Casey-South Melbourne. 


With the ball, the wily veterans of Ringwood all-rounder Ian Holland (5/20) and Carlton captain-coach Evan Gulbis (5/47) were the two standout bowlers, with the likes of Uni's Mark Stafford (4/19 vs Footscray), Dandenong's Jakeb Thomas (4/50) and Northcote's Jonty Rushton (4/38) also in the wickets. 


The closest game of the day saw Melbourne scrape home on DLS against a Dandenong side that was keen to celebrate skipper Tom Donnell's 250th Premier 1st XI match with a victory. Donnell was again in the runs with a knock of 51, but the Melbourne side fell over the line in a tight game at Beaumaris Secondary College - North Oval.



Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts

St Kilda 4(cc)-270 (Merlo 123no Handscomb 52 Crosthwaite 52) def Fitz Donc 8(cc)-181 (Banthorpe 71 Thornton 3-29)(DLS), 
Ringwood 3(cc)-107 (Rogers 57) def Camb Magpies 106 (Holland 5-20), 
Ncte 5(cc)-169 (Phelan 54 Mire 44) def Prah 199 (Bangs 58 Menon 42 Wilcox 33 Rushton 4-38)(DLS), 
Carl 3-240 (Stepien 157no) def Geel 239 (Jackson 65 McDonald 52 Gulbis 5-47 O'Sullivan 3-53), 
Melb Uni 5-126 (Martignago 43 Russ 3-31) def Foots 137 (Winter-Irving 34 Beniwal 33 Stafford 4-19)(DLS), 
Ess 1-194 (Seymour 67no Ayre 62 Hill 58no) def Green Kang 193 (Harrison 63 McClure 3-51), 
Richmond 2(cc)-194 (Fraser-McGurk 99 Viccars 49no Edwards 32) def Casey-SM 9(cc)-192 (Chandrasinghe 70 Wallace 39 Mills 3-42), 
Melb 9(cc)-202 (Craig 49 Buchanan 38 Thomas 4-50 Nanopoulos 3-38) def Dand 9(cc)-214 (Donnell 51 Fernando 44 Edgeworth 39no Edwards 36)(DLS), 
King Haw 7(cc)-317 (Jain 148 Lewis 45 Chopra 30 Barron-Toop 3-56) def Frank Pen 5-182 (Symons 70 Hammel 64 Singh 3-25)(DLS), 



Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds
Fitz Donc 9-236 (Macciocca 77 Bruckner 59 Gribben 3-38) v St Kilda 5(cc)-254 (Deighton 71no Davies 69 Laubscher 30)(result not confirmed), 
Ringwood 7(cc)-172 (Moorhouse 56 Adamson 46 Walker 30 Burrill 3-9) def Camb Magpies 9(cc)-200 (McComb 62 Prior 43 Vanderslik 31 Beer 4-45), 
Ncte 6-209 (Cootee 47 Fernando 42 Rennie 42 Koduru 30) def Prah 7(cc)-244 (Seymour 68 Morrey 35 Parsons 31), 
Carl 2-154 (Poppa 65no Pottabathini 50no) def Geel 9(cc)-217 (Collins 75 Garner 53no Woods 4-29)(DLS), 
Foots 6(cc)-253 (Doherty 102 McDonald 54 Kight 40) def Melb Uni 9-173 (Emms 59 Domann 50 Price 4-28 Aggelis 3-22)(DLS), 
Ess 5(cc)-194 (Ryan 75 Blair 42 Shoesmith 36) def Green Kang 9(cc)-199 (Qureshi 51 Ryan 3-27) (DLS), 
Casey-SM 2-74 (Clymo 53no) drew Richmond 3(cc)-329 (Goodman 114no Humphries 97no Sleeman 72) (abandoned), 
Dand 8(cc)-244 (Slater 93 Forsyth 37 Augustin 37no) def Melb 8-98 (Kellaway 36 Thompson 34 Seneviratne 5-16)(DLS), 
Frank Pen 207 (McConnell 36 Conroy 31 Rigby 3-18) def King Haw 9(cc)-97 (Attanayake 36 Conroy 3-7)(DLS), 

Kookaburra Men's Premier Thirds
St Kilda 3-111 v Fitz Donc (No result provided), 
Ringwood 5(cc)-184 (Gibson 74no Mole 31) def Camb Magpies 195 (Redhu 57 Humphries 6-18), 
Prah  v Ncte (No result provided), 
Carl 180 (O'Keefe 32 Helwig 3-35) def Geel 9-163 (Neate 36 Van Den Nouwland 32 Croft 31 Morrow 3-31 Sheahan 3-35), 
Foots 8(cc)-187 (Tidyman 46 Harris 45 McNab 3-17 Molden 3-27) def Melb Uni 97 (Hughes 4-20 Vine 4-27), 
Ess  v Green Kang (No result provided), 
Richmond 5(cc)-225 (Hinds 91 Singh 61 Scholz 35no Perry 3-38) def Casey-SM 150 (Perry 36 Hesline 4-25), 
Melb 4(cc)-244 (Bandara 70 Anderson 61 Cesarios 44no) def Dand 4-160 (Fernando 48 Malik 43no Murray 36no), 
King Haw  v Frank Pen (No result provided), 

Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths
St Kilda 9-212 (Hughes 59 Stamos 50 Bridger 4-49) def Fitz Donc 6(cc)-206 (Bardwell 69 Brambleby 36no), 
Ringwood 4-166 (Flintoff 64no Grech 34) v Camb Magpies 5(cc)-207 (Windisch 68 Gunawardena 42)(result not confirmed), 
Ncte 186 (Nagpal 56 Devpura 33) v Prah 9-183 (Sennitt 35 Gebert 33 Dutton 33no Nagpal 3-24)(result not confirmed), 
Geel  v Carl (No result provided), 
Foots  v Melb Uni (No result provided), 
Green Kang  v Ess (No result provided), 
Casey-SM  v Richmond 8-230 (Cowling 86 Arora 41 O'Connor 3-33)(no result provided), 
Melb 7(cc)-197 (Frawley 46 Ludik 40 Meehan 39 Sawrey 3-44) def Dand 5-89 (DLS), 
Frank Pen  v King Haw (No result provided), 

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Author: Will Rice