2020/21 Premier Cricket Playing Dates
Date of Event Victorian Premier Cricket: Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:27AM

Following an extensive review and feedback from several different parties including the Premier Clubs, we are now able to confirm the season start date for the 2020/21 Premier Cricket season.


Due to the current COVID situation across metropolitan Melbourne (and Mitchell Shire), there is still a significant amount of uncertainty surrounding when we will be able to return to training and playing. However, to ensure clubs and players can prepare for the season, we feel it is important to set a start date to work towards based on the information we currently know.


Based on the initial Stage-3 lock-downs that took place earlier this year, we have reviewed the timelines for the easing of the restrictions through each of the phases set out by the Victorian Government. These phases took 8 weeks following the end of the lock-down on 30 April to the return to play date on 22 June (The return to train date was 1 June). We have developed several different scenarios for the earliest possible start date once the ‘return to train’ and ‘return to play’ dates are known.


Each scenario has a ‘cut-off date’ for when the ‘return to train’ and ‘return to play’ must be known, otherwise we will move onto the next scenario. The scenarios that have been developed are as follows:



1. 24 October start date (Cut-off date: 10 September)

2. 7 November start date (Cut-off date: 24 September)

3. 21 November start date (Cut-off date: 8 October)

4. 5 December start date (Cut-off date: 29 October)

5. 9 January start date (Cut-off date: 26 November)

6. 23 January start date (Cut-off date: 10 December)

7. 30 January start date (Cut-off date: 5 January)



In developing the playing dates and season structure, we have sought advice from Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria High Performance, BBL teams, Premier Cricket Strategy Group and the Premier clubs themselves.


The Cricket Victoria High Performance team provided advice that players would require the following preseason workloads to be ready for 1st XI level competition (this is consistent with feedback the Premier Cricket Strategy Group received from club coaches and senior players):

  • T20 matches (3-5 weeks of bat vs ball);
  • One-Day matches (4-6 weeks of bat vs ball);
  • Two-Day matches (6-8 weeks bat vs ball).


In addition, the CV High Performance team has strongly recommended that most of the Premier Cricket season should be short format cricket (i.e. One-Day/T20 for Women and One-Day for Men). This recommendation is both from a playing perspective and a consideration to the implications of a possible COVID-19 outbreak with a team/club mid-way through a Two-Day match.


Based on the information above, we have developed a few different structures for both the Men’s & Women’s competition dependent on the season start date. Some of the key items of note are:


Men’s Competition

  • Two-Day matches will only be played in Scenario’s 1 & 2 (these will be played from February and during finals);
  • The first 5 rounds will be played between teams that are geographically close to each other to avoid unnecessary cross-town travel;
  • 30 January 2021 would be the latest we would start the season;
  • Vic SUPER SLAM dates would be finalized once a clear understanding of the start date is known, however should the season not be able to start by 7 November we would review whether the competition would take place;
  • Men’s 3rd & 4th XI scheduling to be reviewed with the potential for One-Day matches only for the season;
  • Possibility of having some One Day matches played with Red Ball and relaxed bowling restrictions after Christmas.


Women’s Competition

  • Separate T20 & One-Day Competitions would only take place in Scenarios 1, 2 & 3;
  • 31 January would be the latest we would start the season;
  • Women’s 3rd XI scheduling to be reviewed and developed with input from Women’s Premier Panel.


We understand that having so many different scenarios isn’t ideal, however we must accept that this will not be a normal season and we must be flexible and agile in how we approach the scheduling of matches to ensure clarity for players, coaches, umpires and administrators.



To view the structure of playing dates please click here

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