Ryder Medal preview
Date of Event : Wed Apr 5, 2017 2:51PM

This Friday night sees the vote-count for the Una Paisley and Jack Ryder Medals for 2016-17.


These prestigious awards, for the players of the season in Men's and Women's Premier Cricket, are wide open for 2016-17 and, although the season stats can provide a good guide, it all boils down to how the umpires rated the various innings and bowling spells. Was it a "stand-out" performance? What other performances warranted votes in a particular match?


The past five Ryder Medallists have been all-rounders. Based on stats, those in contention appear to be:


Camb Magpies:  Matt Whittaker, Brendan Drew, Will Walker.
Carlton:  Ryan Sidebottom, Tom Smyth.
Casey-SM: Brendan Rose, Lachlan Sperling.
Dandenong: James Pattinson, Lincoln Edwards.
Essendon: Michael Hill, James Lidgett.
Fitz Donc: Trent Lawford, Lloyd Mash, Tim Sheehan.
Foot Edge: Dean Russ, Dylan Kight, Lucas Dredge.
Frank Pen: Matt Gapes, Luke Walker.
Geelong: Eamonn Vines, Brenton McDonald.
Green Kang: Sunam Gautam, Kyle Adams.
King Haw: James Miller, Alex Hughes, Ben Slater.
Melbourne: Matt Brown, Seb Gotch, Meyrick Buchanan.
Melb Uni: James McNeil, Isaiah Borgas.
Monash Tigers: Sam Taylor, Dan Sartori, Allan Wise.
Northcote: Steven Taylor, Joel Hamilton.
Prahran: Adam Bull, Travis Jackson.
Ringwood: David King, Ian Holland.
St Kilda: Josh Manning, Henry Hall.

Men's Premier Runscorers
Runs Ave    Player   Club
944  52.44  Brown, Matthew  Melb
870  51.18  Vines, Eamonn  Geel
701  63.73  Russ, Dean  F-Edge
693  38.50  Sartori, Dan  Rich
684  40.24  Gapes, Matthew  F-Pen
680  48.57  Mash, Lloyd  F-Donc
662  44.13  Smyth, Thomas  Carl
631  42.07  Buchanan, Meyrick  Melb
629  41.93  King, David A  Ring
626  48.15  Hill, Michael  Ess


Men's Premier Wicket-takers
Wkts Ave   Player   Club
45  15.91  Whittaker, Matthew J C-Mag
45  18.09  Sidebottom, Ryan N Carl
39  18.92  Rose, Brendan A  C-SM
39  18.97  Lawford, Trent  F-Donc
37  18.97  Wise, Allan B  Rich
35  17.06  Drew, Brendan G  C-Mag
34  22.03  Hamilton, Joel A Ncte
34  25.09  Smith, Patrick J Melb
34  26.97  Hart, Jeremy W  F-Edge
33  15.00  Winter-Irving, Hamish F-Edge
33  21.21  Russ, Thomas V  C-Mag

Recent Ryder winners:
2005-06 (tie) Michael Allen (Carlton)
          Graeme Rummans (St Kilda)
2006-07   Graeme Rummans (St Kilda)
2007-08   Steven Spoljaric (Haw-MU)
2008-09   Gareth Cross (St Kilda)
2009-10   Graeme Rummans (St Kilda)
2010-11   Theo Doropoulos (Northcote)
2011-12   Clive Rose (Casey-SM)
2012-13   Brenton McDonald (Melbourne)
2013-14   James Miller (Prahran)
2014-15   Ian Holland (Ringwood)
2015-16   Steven Taylor (Northcote)

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