Men's Premier Fixtures released
Date of Event : Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:41PM

Cricket Victoria has released the Men's Premier Fixtures for 2017-18 following an extensive consultation process.


The season program, similar to last season, comprises 7 two-dayers, 6 one-dayers and 4 Twenty20 rounds, with the 17-round program designed to ensure that each club plays every other club once through the season.


The Premier program commences on Saturday October 7, with last season's finalists Melbourne and Fitzroy Doncaster clashing in a one-dayer at the Albert Ground.


The main ovals at Ringwood and Northcote will be undergoing some major renovations during the season. The respective fixtures for both clubs will require some tweaking to complete the season, with some patience and understanding also required from opposition clubs.


For the first time since the mid-1990s no Country Round has been scheduled. Almost 200 matches have been played at regional venues since the inaugural (Collingwood v South Melbourne) country match at Bendigo's QEO on 8 January 1994. Finding an appropriate timing for the "Bush Bash" has become an issue since the evolution of the KFC Big Bash over recent seasons.


Five new Premier coaches have been appointed, but only two are brand new to coaching at this level. Casey-SM's new coach is former Sri Lankan international Prabath Nissanka. Essendon has appointed former player Mitchell Johnstone after an initial stint in sub-district ranks. The Heat's Keith Jansz, Greenvale Kangaroos' Jarrod Leggett and Prahran's Barry Neivandt have all coached at Premier level previously.


ROUND 1  Sat 7 October
Melbourne v Fitz Donc
Prahran  v Footscray
King Haw v Monash Tigers
Melb Uni v Camb Magpies
Casey-SM v Ringwood
Green Kang v Essendon
Carlton  v St Kilda
Frank Pen v Dandenong
Geelong  v Northcote


ROUND 2  Sat 14 October
Fitz Donc v Prahran
Northcote v Footscray
Monash Tigers v Melbourne
Camb Magpies v King Haw
Ringwood v Melb Uni
Essendon v Casey-SM
St Kilda v Green Kang
Dandenong v Carlton
Geelong  v Frank Pen


ROUND 3  Sat 21 October
Footscray v Fitz Donc
Prahran  v Monash Tigers
Melbourne v Camb Magpies
King Haw v Ringwood
Melb Uni v Essendon
Casey-SM v St Kilda
Green Kang v Dandenong
Carlton  v Geelong
Frank Pen v Northcote


Reserve Days  Sun 22 October
(1sts & 2nds)  


ROUND 4  Sat 28 October
Northcote v Fitz Donc
Monash Tigers v Footscray
Camb Magpies v Prahran
Ringwood v Melbourne
Essendon v King Haw
St Kilda v Melb Uni
Dandenong v Casey-SM
Geelong  v Green Kang
Frank Pen v Carlton


Back2Home #1  Tue 31 October


ROUND 5  Sat 4 November
Fitz Donc v Monash Tigers
Footscray v Camb Magpies
Prahran  v Ringwood
Melbourne v Essendon
King Haw v St Kilda
Melb Uni v Dandenong
Casey-SM v Geelong
Green Kang v Frank Pen
Carlton  v Northcote

Reserve Day
(1sts & 2nds)  Sun 5 November


ROUND 6  Sat 11 November
Camb Magpies v Fitz Donc
Ringwood v Footscray
Essendon v Prahran
St Kilda v Melbourne
Dandenong v King Haw
Geelong  v Melb Uni
Frank Pen v Casey-SM
Carlton  v Green Kang
Northcote v Monash Tigers


ROUND 7  Sat 18 Nov (T20)
Fitz Donc v Ringwood
Footscray v Essendon
Prahran  v St Kilda
Melbourne v Dandenong
King Haw v Geelong
Melb Uni v Frank Pen
Casey-SM v Carlton
Green Kang v Northcote
Monash Tigers v Camb Magpies


ROUND 8  Sun 19 Nov (T20)
Essendon v Fitz Donc
St Kilda v Footscray
Dandenong v Prahran
Geelong  v Melbourne
Frank Pen v King Haw
Carlton  v Melb Uni
Green Kang v Casey-SM
Ringwood v Monash Tigers
Northcote v Camb Magpies


ROUND 9  Sat 25 Nov (T20)
Fitz Donc v St Kilda
Footscray v Dandenong
Prahran  v Geelong
Melbourne v Frank Pen
King Haw v Carlton
Melb Uni v Green Kang
Casey-SM v Northcote
Monash Tigers v Essendon
Camb Magpies v Ringwood


ROUND 10  Sun 26 Nov (T20)
Dandenong v Fitz Donc
Geelong  v Footscray
Frank Pen v Prahran
Carlton  v Melbourne
Green Kang v King Haw
Casey-SM v Melb Uni
St Kilda v Monash Tigers
Essendon v Camb Magpies
Northcote v Ringwood


ROUND 11  Sats 2 & 9 December
Fitz Donc v Geelong
Footscray v Frank Pen
Prahran  v Carlton
Melbourne v Green Kang
King Haw v Casey-SM
Melb Uni v Northcote
Monash Tigers v Dandenong
Camb Magpies v St Kilda
Ringwood v Essendon


ROUND 12  Sats 16 & 23 December
Frank Pen v Fitz Donc
Carlton  v Footscray
Green Kang v Prahran
Casey-SM v Melbourne
Melb Uni v King Haw
St Kilda v Ringwood
Dandenong v Camb Magpies
Geelong  v Monash Tigers
Essendon v Northcote


ROUND 13  Sats 13 & 20 January
Fitz Donc v Carlton
Footscray v Green Kang
Prahran  v Casey-SM
Melbourne v Melb Uni
Northcote v King Haw
Monash Tigers v Frank Pen
Camb Magpies v Geelong
Ringwood v Dandenong
Essendon v St Kilda




ROUND 14  Sats 27 Jan & 3 Feb
Green Kang v Fitz Donc
Casey-SM v Footscray
Melb Uni v Prahran
King Haw v Melbourne
Dandenong v Essendon
Geelong  v Ringwood
Frank Pen v Camb Magpies
Carlton  v Monash Tigers
St Kilda v Northcote


Back2Home #2  Tue 30 January


ROUND 15  Sat 10 & Sun 11 Feb
Fitz Donc v Casey-SM
Footscray v Melb Uni
Prahran  v King Haw
Northcote v Melbourne
Monash Tigers v Green Kang
Camb Magpies v Carlton
Ringwood v Frank Pen
Essendon v Geelong
St Kilda v Dandenong


ROUND 16  Sats 17 & 24 Feb
Melb Uni v Fitz Donc
King Haw v Footscray
Melbourne v Prahran
Geelong  v St Kilda
Frank Pen v Essendon
Carlton  v Ringwood
Green Kang v Camb Magpies
Casey-SM v Monash Tigers
Dandenong v Northcote


ROUND 17  Sats 3 & 10 Mar
Fitz Donc v King Haw
Footscray v Melbourne
Northcote v Prahran
Monash Tigers v Melb Uni
Camb Magpies v Casey-SM
Ringwood v Green Kang
Essendon v Carlton
St Kilda v Frank Pen
Dandenong v Geelong


Finals Series
Quarter Finals  Sat 17 & Sun 18 Mar
Semi Finals  Sat 24 & Sun 25 Mar
Finals   Sat 31 Mar & Sun 1 Apr
  (1sts Mon 2 Apr, Tue 3 Apr Res)

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