Tribunal Procedures

  1. A Pennant Committee member whose club participated in the match from which the report(s) arose shall not be eligible to sit on the CV Tribunal.
  2. Opening address by Chairman, including the announcement of the charges and the procedure to be followed.
  3. Reading of the charges.
  4. Chairman requests a plea from the reported person(s).
  5. Evidence/submissions (may be in writing) from:
    (a) the Umpires(s)
    (b) any other person(s) in attendance to give evidence
    (c) the reported person(s)
    (d) his witness, if any
    Those giving evidence shall be subject to questioning by any member of the CV Tribunal. Similarly, the reported person(s) may ask questions of the Umpire(s) and vice-versa.
  6. After all evidence, submissions and questioning has concluded, all except the CV Tribunal members shall leave the room whilst the Tribunal deliberates upon its decision.
  7. Announcement of decision - guilty or not guilty
    If not guilty, the hearing is concluded
    If guilty, prior to the announcement of the penalty, the Chairman asks if any person has anything further to add in relation to the penalty.
    IF NO - Go to 10
    IF YES
  8. The additional information/please/character evidence is heard.
  9. All persons again leave the room whilst the CV Tribunal deliberates upon a decision regarding the penalty.
  10. Sentence/penalty advised, along with the reason(s) given as to how the penalty was reached.