Spirit of Cricket

Each season one award is made to the club which contributes the most for "the Spirit of Cricket" across all four Premier grades. This is similar to the CV Club Championship, except that the "Spirit of Cricket" award has no "weighting" of points. Each team is assessed by the umpires in each match, receiving a rating out of 10, based on:

  1. Captains’ acceptance of his responsibility for his players’ behaviour,
  2. Team’s adherence to the principles of "the Spirit of Cricket" including respect for team-mates, opponents and the umpires’ role, and
  3. Co-operation/attitude of captains and players towards umpires and their role.

There is a mandatory deduction of three points per match of actual suspension for each player found guilty by the CV Tribunal.


2003/04 - Ringwood
2004/05 - Northcote
2005/06 - Northcote
2006/07 - Frankston Peninsula
2007/08 - Melbourne
2008/09 - Melbourne
2009/10 - Casey-South Melbourne
2010/11 - Essendon
2011/12 - Richmond
2012/13 - Melbourne Uni
2013/14 - Melbourne Uni
2014/15 - Frankston Peninsula
2015/16 - Carlton
2016/17 - Carlton


2012/13 Essendon Maribyrnong Park
2013/14 Essendon Maribyrnong Park 2014/15 Essendon Maribyrnong Park
2015/16 Napoleons/Sebastopol
2016/17 Napoleons/Sebastopol