CV Tribunal

Matters considered by the CV Tribunal for the 2016-17 season appear below:

Stephen Cannon (King Haw 3rds) - Reported in Round 2 for offensive language and unnecessary and forceful breaking of the stumps. Suspended for 1 match.

Aaron Summers (St Kilda 2nds) - Reported in Round 3 for giving batsman a "send-off". Suspended for 1 match.

Matthew Goodier (Kingston Hawthorn 1sts) - Reported in Round 10 for misconduct and disputing decision. Suspended for 1 match, plus 1 match suspended until the end of the 2016-17 season.

Dean Wiener (Melbourne 4ths) - Reported in Round 10 for dissent, foul language and criticising umpire's decision. Suspended for 1 match.

Shaun Miller (Prahran 1sts) - Reported in Round 12 for audible obscenities. Suspended for 1 match.

Jake Marnie (Camb Mag 3rds) - Reported in Round 13 for dissent. Suspended for 1 match.

Blake Mills (Casey-SM 2nds) - Reported in Round 14 for verbal dissent and equipment abuse. Suspended for 1 match.

Matthew Goodier (Kingston Hawthorn 2nds) - Reported in Round 15 for serious misbehaviour and bringing the game into disrepute. Suspended for 11 matches (10 match suspension plus 1 match suspended from earlier this season).

Kallan Braid-Ball (Casey-SM 3rds) - Reported in Round 16 for ball tampering. Suspended for 1 match.

Sam Wiese (Frankston Peninsula 2nds) - Reported in Round 16 for dissent towards umpire. Suspended for 1 match.